In Loving Memory of
Kenneth and Peggy Hoffman

The Education Foundation for Lockhart ISD is honored to be recommended as the beneficiary of donations made in the memory of Kenneth and Peggy Hoffman, longtime teachers, administrators and proud supporters of Lockhart ISD.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Hoffman family, and we are humbled by their generosity at this difficult time.

Peggy and Kenneth were beloved members of the Lockhart community who cared deeply about helping the children of Lockhart reach their full potential.

Donations made to the Education Foundation will further this legacy by giving Lockhart teachers the resources they need to bring innovative learning projects into their classrooms.

We pledge to be good stewards of this money and honor the memory of two devoted educators who did so much for our schools and community.

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The Education Foundation for LISD and the Family of Kenneth and Peggy Hoffman thank you for your generous donation and support.

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